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Security Consultants
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"First we identify assets and the threats against them..."
JRB and Associates Security Management Consultants build our relationships on a foundation of reliable service, solid designs, integrity, and project management consulting that works.

We perform independent, unbiased appraisals of electronic and physical security programs and evaluate the use of security equipment at existing facilities and new construction.

In addition, we provide a wide range of other special security consulting application, including training, project management, vendor proposal negotiation and information protection surveys.

Our usual services can include:

After the introduction and meeting with the client we will perform a complete security assessment of the site or facilities to determine what security programs are needed. This will give the client the roads map of the security programs need to be implemented and the priority, which they should be achieved.


Should design of new or upgrades to electronic system be part of the program from locking systems, intrusion alarms, access control and closed circuit television. We will work with an integrator to design the best systems for the applications based on technology not products being sold by a manufactures rep or salesman.

Should the client already have a design we will review the design to make sure it will provide what the client intends it to do. We will review the design for compatibility to existing equipment and for future upgrades.


As part of the client's team we will provide vendor negotiation to make sure the client is receiving the best possible pricing and quality of products available. This is achieved through our understanding of the industry and knowledge of current trends.


As a part of the clients project team we will provide on site as required Project Management to insure the project is being installed on time and on budget. As part of this service we monitor the project to confirm that the proper equipment is being delivered and installed to specification. This insures a project that will be up and running as you expect.

After the systems are installed then what?

The consultant at JRB and Associates will work with the clients team to provide policys and procedures that work not just some boiler plate one size fits all.


After all is said and done JRB and Associates will provide continued on going consulting. As with any thing in business things change. Projects grow or reduce as the business markets change. We will review the projects and make the recommended changes as the client request.


Based on the assessment road map we will work with the client to develop the security requirements. This will include a needs list of specific items to be implemented such as policies, electronics and human aspects of the program.